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Occasionally, I need to create a photo gallery on a LAMP server.

I'd like to find a no-brainer app that consists in a single PHP file, doesn't require a DB, and is able to create thumbnails the first time it's ran (it's OK if I have to manually call the app to pregenerate the thumbnails eg.

Does someone know of an application that does this?


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You could try Single File PHP Gallery.

No database, thumbnail creation on the fly.

It won't of course ever be a fast has having a DB.

Thanks guys. Single File PHP Gallery is just what I was looking for. – OverTheRainbow Jul 10 '09 at 9:19

It doesn't quite fit the "single file" requirement, but Gallery1 is much lighter than Gallery2, and doesn't require a database.


MiniShowCase may suit your needs it is pretty simple and straightforward to make it work but is has many php files.


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