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I know there is host and dig and all those... but they are DNS tools and they don't query the local resolver library.

/etc/hosts can change what the local resolver returns. The local resolver does caching too. /etc/nsswitch.conf can completely remove DNS from the resolution path...

So it seems wierd that there is no command for checking what the local resolver library has.

I normally do something like this:

export VAR='"nics-acer"'; python -c "import socket; print(socket.gethostbyname($VAR));"

and when I wrote my Python version of resolvconf, I added a switch to test the resolver, but shouldn't there be a reason for there not being a standard tool?

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There is such command: getent.

Try following: getent hosts, getent hosts - it will query using system resolver (see also /etc/nsswitch.conf to check what is actually being queries and in what order).

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