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I understand from the stunnel documentation and from what I read on the Internet that MS has a buggy implementation of SSL; it fails to send a close_notify thing. The solution, says the documentation, is to set TIMEOUTclose=0. Being far from an SSL expert, I don't understand the implications of this setting. Won't it result in discarding close_notify from all browsers? Won't this create a security issue?

In addition, the stunnel faq says:

Currently stunnel implements ugly 10-seconds timeout to work with Microsoft...

How is this related to TIMEOUTclose? Is 10 the default value of TIMEOUTclose? What does IE do during this time?

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It is an unclean shutdown, which is generally not desirable, supposedly. I don't think that it implies an immediate security concern. – Felix Frank Jan 23 '15 at 9:43

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