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I got data on a private FTP server I want to mirror it, but "on demand". My frontend is an Apache/PHP server...

Here's the flow :

  • Clients asks the apache server for a file
  • if file is not on hdd, download it from the ftp server. (stream it to client, while saving it to hdd)
  • send file to client (from apache)

I don't know exactly how to proceed...

Is there a way to stream a file while downloading it ?

Maybe we could do something with php/curl...

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The question is unclear; should the clone be initiated by a request on the primary server, or the secondary server, or either ? From where to where should it be cloned - from a dedicated FTP server to a web server, or vice versa ? Enumerate the actors and provide a clear flow description. – adaptr Apr 26 '12 at 14:45

Try LftpFS:

It's a FUSE filesystem that relies on lftp as a backend and does exactly what you need. It requires a basic lftp script, but it's easy to write one. The official site provides sufficient info.

You can also try and turn your Apache into a caching proxy, that would work too (and probably faster than FUSE).

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