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We're looking for a scanner that can handle anything we throw at it -- crumpled binder paper with loads of "hanging chads", possibly bits of spilled dried-up drinks, etc without breaking. And without requiring lots of retries. Is it possible?

We're willing to pay whatever it costs if there's an auto-feed scanner that won't choke when almost everything we throw at it is pretty messy.

But please, if you make some product model suggestions, include older models -- We would rather purchase a 15-year-old model that has been field-tested for 15 years than a newer model that doesn't have much track record.

Image quality is not important for the purpose of this OP. Reliability and efficiency is.

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Yes, we use production scanners in a warehouse environment for this purpose (scanning carbon multi-part forms into an imaging system). The Fujitsu departmental scanner line works well for this.

Also see: Need recommendations for a hardy scanner that has a robust feeder tray

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