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Salvete! I just installed CentOS 6 on a new box, and am looking for the "Server Settings" menu in order to configure SAMBA. I have a menu for System, and therein lie "Preferences" and "Administration" but no "Server Settings" and no "SAMBA". I suspect the tutorials I have been reading do not reflect the default layout of CentOS 6. Can anyone direct me, please?

Now, I can confirm that smb is installed, and that the service is definitely running. However, I followed the guide at, but my system does not recognize system-config-samba.

There are many items in the "Server Settings" menu that I am missing on my CentOS 6 installation. Maybe I have overlooked some package installation? I intend to use this machine as a server for Asterisk, so I need it fitted out correctly.

[update] This thread is relevant:

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sudo yum install samba – jscott Apr 27 '12 at 20:17
@jscott I did say that Samba was already installed AND running, you know. But just to prove it, that commandline gives Package samba-3.5.10-115.el6_2.x86_64 already installed and latest version ...Nothing to do – bgmCoder Apr 27 '12 at 20:22
No you didn't state that at first. Your edit to the question changed it to ask "Where is system-config-samba in CentOS6?". In that case, the answer is, "It's been deprecated" so it's not available in CentOS6. If you truly want system-config-samba on 6, you will need to learn command line as well -- because you'll need to build it from source. – jscott Apr 27 '12 at 20:26
@jscott - oh, but if you meant that the "Server Settings" menu is deprecated, then that is the answer to the question. If you post that as an answer, I will mark it as accepted. – bgmCoder Apr 27 '12 at 20:34
Yuk. GUIs on servers. – Tom O'Connor Apr 27 '12 at 20:46
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Well, Scott had the answer - in CentOS 6, the Server Settings menu has been deprecated - it is no longer available. There is a settings menu, but it isn't the same. The idea is that since CentOS is supposed to be an operating system for a SERVER, it doesn't need all the gui settings because everything is meant to be administered from the console.

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