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I have a Debian 6 server, 64 bits...

I checked ldconfig, ldconfig path, symbolic links... , rebooted and so on... but still a cgi can't find The package libidn11 is installed (including, just in case, libidn11-dev and libnet-libidn-perl)

root@server:/home/user/public_html/cgi-bin/# ldd tbk_bp_pago.cgi
   =>  (0xf77c4000)
            ** => not found**
   => /lib32/ (0xf7676000)
   => /lib32/ (0xf765e000)
   => /lib32/ (0xf765a000)
   => /lib32/ (0xf7651000)
   => /lib32/ (0xf7638000)
            /lib/ (0xf77c5000)

The library exists

root@server:/home/user/log# locate
root@server:/home/user/log# ldconfig  -v | grep "" ->

I tested it also in a Centos 5, 64 bits machine, and the same problem appears...

any help is appreciated.

Update: I fixed it, thanks

root@server:/tmp# ar vx libidn11_1.15-2_i386.deb
root@server:/tmp# tar -xvzf data.tar.gz
root@server:/tmp# cd usr/
root@server:/tmp/usr# cp -R lib/ libidn32/
root@server:/tmp/usr# mv libidn32/ /usr/lib32
root@server:/tmp/usr# echo "/usr/lib32/libidn32" >> /etc/
root@server:/tmp/usr# ldconfig
root@server:/tmp/usr# ldd /home/user/public_html/cgi-bin/kcc6/tbk_*
/home/user/public_html/cgi-bin/kcc6/tbk_bp_pago.cgi: => /usr/lib32/libidn32/ (0xf7702000)
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You have a 64 bit version of the lib, but your CGI binary probably needs the 32bit version (guessing by the other libs). With some googling i found package "ia32-libs-libidn11", but cannot test it because i have no debian boxes here.

Try searching your repo for something simmilar to that ("ia32-libs-libidn" or libidn11)

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Thank you. I downloaded libidn11_1.15-2_i386.deb and installed it manually, and worked! – nrivoli Apr 29 '12 at 22:35

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