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Our suite got new carpet this weekend, and as I was moving the machines out of the way I pulled apart the serial adapter. The RJ-45 clip held fast, and the metal body was screwed tight to the machine - so the metal body pulled out of the plastic shell, and all of the sockets pulled off of the interior pins. It pulled away at a slight angle, so I can tell that pins 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 20 were connected - they're bent just a little.

I found this page, which includes pinouts for RJ-45 adapters to DB25 and DB9... but they specify 8 wires, and the adapter I broke only has 6; also the color scheme is different. My adapter is labeled
3230289-02 "SUN"
but I have not been able to find whose part number that is.

busted adapter showing part number and bent pins busted adapter showing wire colors

I'm going to try to transpose those instructions from 8 wires to 6 and hope it works - but I'm hoping that someone out there has seen (or HAS?) an adapter like this.

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I tried to transpose the pinouts I found on the Sun page, and the Cisco pinouts on the page that @mulaz recommended, and I couldn't find any way to reconcile them with the previously-bent pins. Fortunately, however, I was able to reach the company that installed the SunBlade (and the piece of equipment that it's controlling, which is probably more to the point!) The tech found a spare adapter of the same model, took it apart, and read me the pinout over the phone. I'm posting it here in case someone else has the same issue...

DB25    Color      RJ45  

1       Red         5
2       Black       6
3       Yellow      3
4       Brown       2
7       Green       4
20      Orange      7

(6 wires only - pin 1 and 8 are missing)

adapter taken apart, showing connections to RJ45 jack and metal body

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I'm not sure about your server, but I've used a normal "Cisco" DB9->RJ45 cable with Sun Netra 240, and it worked fine. Maybe if you compare it to this, and see if the pins fit? (1 and 8 are not connected, see if yours match, and don't forget about the DB9->DB25 conversion).

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Thanks! It's possible that one of those might have worked, but I couldn't reconcile it with the part I actually had. (Since most serial connections don't use all the available pins, there can be multiple "correct" configurations; also, connectors that are missing a handshake pin can work under perfect conditions and then fail when real life strikes. So I wanted to make sure it was identical to the original configuration.) Thanks for the assist, though! – MT_Head Apr 30 '12 at 19:55

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