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I have a VPS (CentOS 5.6). Here is my routing table.

Kernel IP routing table

Destination | Gateway | Genmask       | Flags | Metric | Ref | Use Iface
192.x.x.0   | | | U     | 0      | 0   | 0  venet0
169.x.0.0   | |   | U     | 0      | 0   | 0  venet0     | |       | U     | 0      | 0   | 0  venet0

It works fine but I can't understand where is my gateway. Can somebody tell me how it works?


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You have a device-based default route, rather than an address-based default route. That last line says to the kernel "if you want to get packets to anywhere else, just shove them out venet0. That's a virtual ethernet interface, so I assume you're on a VPS of some kind - and the hosting server's OS will know how to get traffic to and from other physical hosts.

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Looks like you haven't got one or haven't restarted networking since setting one;

Just edit /etc/sysconfig/network




Then restart networking using /etc/init.d/network restart

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