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Application pools can not be started unless the Windows Process Activation Service(WAS) is running.

This is issue is coming while starting application pool in IIS 7 (windows 7 professional operation system).

Please suggest how to run Windows Process Activation Service(WAS) in windows 7.

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The text that you've quoted is part of an explanation of how the app pool process activation works - it doesn't explain what issue you're having. Please provide more information. – Shane Madden May 1 '12 at 19:34

WAS is part of IIS. When you install IIS, WAS is installed.

In Vista / 2008, it was installed explicitly as a feature dependency.

In Windows 7 (I assume) and R2 (I know), it's silently installed because (insert non-obvious reason here).

You can explicitly install it as well, but if IIS is installed, it should be there.

So the question becomes: Did someone disable WAS because they thought it was related to Windows Activation?

If so, slap them, and get them to re-enable it.

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Someone may have made changes to %windir%\System32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config resulting in an invalid config file.

Adding preloadEnabled="true" to some of the application pool <application> tags broke it for us and we had to remove those attributes to be able to start the WAS service and then the application pools.

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