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I am getting 404 error while the file exist. I gave the file (chmod 755) still the file does not show up. Strange part it only happens to few files. I am certain the file exists on the directory and PHP file have no script errors. My .htaccess file says

ErrorDocument 404

This only happens on my Google Chrome browser and it works fine on Safari.

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If it only happens in some browsers but not in others, have you tried clearing the browser cache? ErrorDocument with an absolute URL will send a redirect, which might be cached in your browser.

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Do you have access to your servers log files? Can you check if your browser actually made a request, and if your server sent out a 404 error? This should be the first thing to check, to decide if it was a server-side error, or just a problem with the browser/proxy caching pages, and serving a cached 404 error page.

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