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I need to support the realtek rtl8139 network card - is this included in modern (> 3.0) linux kernels? do I have to load any modules or install anything?

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The Realtek is a fairly standard adapter and has been in the mainline kernel for a long time. The driver/module is 8139cp.ko. The device should be auto-detected on a modern Linux distribution.

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The driver has been included in the standard kernel distribution for many years.

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Sure. Drivers 8139cp and 8139too.

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Depends on your Linux kernel vendor(Linux distribution). But most likely it has one. To check grep/zgrep your /boot/config-$(uname -r) / /proc/config.gz / .config for string 8139:

rbtz@linux:~$ grep 8139 /boot/config-$(uname -r)
# CONFIG_8139TOO_TUNE_TWISTER is not set
# CONFIG_8139_OLD_RX_RESET is not set
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