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so right now i'am trying to configure vsftpd server for FTP(e)S. It seems i am encountering issues with different clients. Secure FTPD works fine for me. Filezilla not.

The output from Filezilla

tatus:  Connecting to foo:21...
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Trace:  CFtpControlSocket::OnReceive() 
Response:   220 "Welcome to FTP!"
Trace:  CFtpControlSocket::SendNextCommand()
Command:    AUTH TLS
Trace:  CFtpControlSocket::OnReceive()
Response:   234 Proceed with negotiation.
Status: Initializing TLS...
Trace:  CTlsSocket::Handshake()
Trace:  CTlsSocket::ContinueHandshake()
Trace:  CTlsSocket::OnSend()
Trace:  CTlsSocket::OnRead()
Trace:  CTlsSocket::ContinueHandshake()
Trace:  CTlsSocket::Failure(-12, 53)
Trace:  GnuTLS alert 40: Handshake failed
Error:  GnuTLS error -12: A TLS fatal alert has been received.

Paste from vsftpd:

# Could be whatever you like, or 990 if you want to use the now-deprecated ftps port.

# Limit passive ports to this range to assis firewalling

#May be needed to help packets through some NAT/firewall setups. The address
# is the external ip of the machine, assuming it is a static one.
pasv_address= "foo" ---> we NAT everything so this has the EXTERNAL IP

# Set to ssl_enable=YES if you want to enable SSL

# Path to the certificate and key files (which should be the same file)

# No ssl for bad boys

# All local logins (i.e. non-anonymous) are forced to use ssl.

So question is: what goes wrong here? BTW: I am furthermore not completely sure what the difference is between ftps and ftpEs

Thank you

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ok, found it. Apparently there is some strange behavior between the latest filezilla 3.5 client and ftps.

for vsftpd, the solution was simply to add: ssl_ciphers=HIGH in the vsftpd.conf file

I'am not sure whether i am allowed to post this as well, but there is a threat about this in the filezilla forums.

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I know it's 2 years later, but i'm having this problem now but do not appear to have a file located in "/etc/vsftpd.conf". – robjbrain Jan 27 '15 at 10:13

If chroot_local_user=yes is used then ssl_ciphers=HIGH wont work.

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