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I am interested in Jenkins for systems administration. (We are not that interested in the building capabilities at this time, even though it is the main use for it) Its ability to chain jobs that might be run on seperate servers is very powerful, and we are hoping to replace many of our cron jobs that run on local machines with it. We would especially like customers to see the status of the jobs (instead of cron sending emails every time it runs) and perhaps manually run some of them. We would also be able to let them run some reports we have written whenever they want.

However, we run servers for multiple customers. In order to use SSH, we have to add the hosts in a way that anyone can connect to them. It seems I have 3 options to figure out which would work best, and would love to hear some feedback from others that have used it more:

  1. Run a separate instance of jenkins for each customer. Not too difficult, but if we update a script on one, we have to update on all of them :)

  2. Figure out a way to get its authentication working, so that only WE can create jobs, and customers can only see/cancel/manually run ones that we have pre-defined for them. (I am trying this with the plugin "Role-based Authorization Strategy" but am having trouble.

  3. Find a tool that is actually designed for this, instead of re-purposing a build tool.

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