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I need some help with ninja for host monitoring( Sorry for this long description but I hope this will help you to help me better.

We use nagios for this currently. We don't directly associate a user with a host, instead we use hostgroups and assign users to hostgroups and all the host in that hostgroups are visible for that particular user under Nagios's UI. But with Ninja, one user can see his/her host/service detail. But the summary(grid/overview) is not available for those hosts/services. How can I enable the summary view?

Also I cannot see the alert history and notification history for those hosts/services when logged in via the particular user. I can see them all only if an admin user is logged in, which would be the user that is allowed to view all hosts/services under nagios's configuration.

I digged further and found that showlog uses the username to parse through the log and print out the alert history, are there anyway I can have showlog parse the log files and display the logs for hosts/services that a user is a contact of. With nagios this is possible, for e.g, if a user A logs in and host_a,host_b,host_c are assigned to him under hostgroup_abc . That user can see the hostgroup over view for hostgroup_abc, host/service detail and overview for host_a,host_b,host_c and their respective services and also alert history and notification history for host_a,host_b,host_c, I did not see the same behavior in ninja. I can see their host/service detail but I did not see their summary and history(alert and notification).

Please feel free to ask me if you need any more details or any questions about our nagios and ninja setup. Thanks.

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