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I have got problem with installation SP1 and SP2 to SQL server 2005 I get this text -> Instances of SQL Server Express cannot be updated by using this Service Pack installer. To update instances of SQL Server Express, use the SQL Server Express Service Pack installer.

I don't understand what I have to do?

I can`t select this box with SQL server 2005 to make update.

enter image description here

Start -> Menu

enter image description here

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You are running SQL Server Express, not the full version of SQL Server. SQL Server Express is the trimmed-down, free version of SQL Server.

You need to download the correct service pack installers (I suspect that you'd only need to install the latest one - SP4 - but I have no way of checking):

SQL Server 2005 Express SP1

SQL Server 2005 Express SP2

SQL Server 2005 Express SP3

SQL Server 2005 Express SP4

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