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  1. I have a Chef server installed.
  2. I have registered a node to this server, and I can see the node in the webUI (This is an existing node, NOT bootstrapped using knife bootstrap
  3. When I execute the command

    $ knife ssh "role:test" "sudo chef-client"
    WARNING: Failed to connect to node[ip-X-X-X-X.ec2.internal] -- Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed: ubuntu@ip-X-X-X-X.ec2.internal

Is there something I have missed? e.g. copy the SSH keys?

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This problem is usually caused by not having the right private key PEM file added to your local ssh agent. Doing something like:

$ ssh-add pk-XXXX

Where the argument is the private part of the key pair used to create the EC2 instance.

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I see from your error message that it's trying to log in as the "ubuntu" user. Make sure this user is getting the correct key put in it's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. I'm not sure about Ubuntu instances but I know the Amazon Linux systems only have the key copied to the ec2-user account. You would have to script or manually copy the key for that user.

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