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I would like to have multiple vlans on Windows Server 2008 machine. Is there any way how to configure trunk port on Broadcom NetXtreme adapter on this OS ? Thank you.

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Note: There is no vLAN support in Windows (any version). You must use 3rd party utilities. All the good NIC Manufacturers provide their own utilities free, including Broadcom. – Chris S May 3 '12 at 14:17

Based on the product brief for the NetXtreme card, it looks like there's support for up to 64 defined VLANs. Configuration is done via the Advanced Control Suite (on page 35). Fundamentally, 802.1q support is implemented before the network traffic gets to the OS. I've been using 802.1q trunks since the Windows 2000 Server days.

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Yes, using BACS is the way to go. – MikeyB May 3 '12 at 14:14
+1 He'll need Broadcom's configuration utilities to set it up (or HP's if it's an HP branded NIC). – Chris S May 3 '12 at 14:16
Yes, it's HP server. I try to find it on HP site. – John May 3 '12 at 14:52

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