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I'm somehow a newbie on sysAdmin.

I have a Dedicated Server @Mediatemple and they're not supporting me on this issue.

So far I had an issue with MySQL Expensive Queries and I found a way how to determine which PHP Application is querying large amount of data which we don't need.

My issue now is ,that I can do a "ps aux" and I can see that a "httpd" service is consuming CPU and Memory more than others ,but I can't find out which vhost or application is doing that.

So is there a way how to find out from the HTTPD process, which application is causing that.

PS Our OS is CentOS 5.x with Apache2 and PHP5.

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You could check your access.log to see which URLs are requested the most.

If you need real-time information, you should configure mod_status. It tells you what queries apache is currently working on.

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With ExtendedStatus On, mod_status will tell you which PID is processing which URL and how long it has been processing for. – Ladadadada May 3 '12 at 13:32

You can use New Relic and set newrelic_set_appname (string) so that each of your applications will provide performance metrics.

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