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I am setting up a server where "" and "" should be served by Apache HTML/PHP server, while "" and "" should be served by Apache Tomcat.

I want to accomplish this using Mod_JK, and I found some useful information regarding config of mod_jk (with the aid of tomcat's workers)... but how do I configure for the specific scenario I have described above, wherein one domain is shared b/w Apache and Tomcat, one domain is served by Apache while a third domain is entirely served by Tomcat?

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from what I read, we can redirect any request for servlets/jsps/other static files to specific 'workers'- however what i dont understand is, where do i specify the specific domain for which i want requests to be sent to one worker, (i.e.>worker1 and>worker2)-- the syntax for the example i read is something like "JkMount /examples/servlet/* worker1" But I cannot see anything to specify the domain on which request is being made...hence I am confused... – Arvind May 4 '12 at 9:49
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You place the JkMount directives inside the httpd.conf virtual host you want them to apply to.

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