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When trying to remove the user, it returns "user is currently logged in".
I already killed the user using pkill -KILL -u usernameHere and several other commands, but it does not help.

How can I remove this user?

Running CentOS 6.

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SU to the user su - username and run kill -9 -1 as the user.

Exit the shell and try the userdel -r username again.

Or you can check for processes from the user using lsof -u username and kill the relevant PIDs.

Or pkill -u username or pkill -u uid

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Or ps aux | grep <username> and kill the processes the user is running.

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This was the first thing I tried before Googling this. When I did it, I got nothing in the grep results. – Vic Aug 8 '14 at 21:25

I try the steps to del the user1

  1. su user1

  2. kill -9 -1

  3. su

  4. sudo deluser user1

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I don't see anything new in this answer. And the older answers have better explanations of what they are doing. – kasperd Apr 4 at 12:53

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