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Our server room has a HP DL180 G5 with 8 disks (RAID 6) and a flakey Adaptec 3805 RAID controller. I want to replace this controller as I don't trust it (See my first post for more details if you want background info.)

Can anyone please recommend an alternative replacement for the Adaptec 3805. Will a HP Smart Array P410/256 work in the DL180 G5 (The HP site says it's ok for a DL180 G6 but doesn't say if it will be ok in a G5.)

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You might just want to make sure that the firmware on the Adaptec controller is up-to-date first. –  wfaulk May 4 '12 at 21:47

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Yes all of the Pxxx-series controllers will work just fine in a G5.

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6805Q ;)

Especially if you plkan to expand. I run a 5805 with a 24 disc system and am in the process of planning an expantsio n to the 6805q with a 72 disc chassis.

The SSD Read/Write cache possibility is terrific.

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