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I Just installed a new server and this is my scenario:

  1. Public (valid, static) IP acquired
  2. Domain name acquired
  3. BIND9 installed, maybe wrong configured
  4. Apache2 installed, running
  5. Server Name: ICARUS
  6. Server OS: Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS

Everything is running fine, I can access my default page through IP.

Now, I can't get the domain name to resolve to my IP and I have some questions.

What are the values to put in my registrar's dns server fields for my domain? It's something related to my server name?

I have two IP addresses provided for my ISP.. are those the IPs my registrar need to register my priate name server as ? what about the other required name ?

Thanks for any help.

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The registrar requires 2 name servers to be listed. You can locate them on the same machine (if the machine is assigned two IPs, you can use different names for each IP, e.g., and, but this creates a single point of failure with regard to DNS services, so it's generally frowned upon.

If you run your own name servers, which you are apparently intending to do, you can use a service like as a secondary. In that case, you'd have one name server as and the other one If you're not familiar with running a name server, you may also consider just using a service like DNSimple or Amazon's Route53. In that case, you do not necessarily need to run BIND on your own box.

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I actually don't care too much where is my domain name resolving, since it points to my IP. – Gustavo Aquino May 4 '12 at 12:33
Is anyone going to use your server besides you? If it's just you, and you don't care that much about outages, go ahead with using the second IP address you have for that box as the other nameserver for your registrar. – cjc May 4 '12 at 12:38
the goal right now is to use this server to serve a single domain, but in future maybe more. Just to get this clear, I can use the IP addresses provided for my ISP as DNS servers? – Gustavo Aquino May 4 '12 at 12:46
Yes, you can. The requirement for two is for redundancy. If you don't have a high priority for that, you can run BIND on one box, listening on two different IP addresses. It's generally not a recommended configuration, but it's not prohibited. – cjc May 4 '12 at 12:52
Ok, I am a little confused, sorry. I only have one valid IP address, and the ISP provides 2 more that for the DNS1 and DNS2, which allow me to access internet. Are you talking about those secondary IP or I need to get a second valid IP ? – Gustavo Aquino May 4 '12 at 13:07

Since you have installed BIND then I guess you will do your own DNS serving. Then your registrar will need YOUR server's IP address as the DNS server. Of course things will work only after you properly set up BIND. We usually provide two (or more) DNS servers, different of course, so you will need another DNS server to provide you some backup.

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This means that I need two physical servers? with a different public IP each ? – Gustavo Aquino May 4 '12 at 11:58

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