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This is a real long shot, but I figure it can't hurt to throw this out here:

I have an IP camera that has an RTSP stream with h.264 video and G.711 audio. I setup a Wowza application (myapp) to use the rtp-live StreamType and then got Flowplayer with the RTMP plugin correctly playing the video. However, I believe the audio isn't being transcoded (it sounds horrible and I don't have transcoding on).

My Streams/StreamType in conf/myapp/Application.xml is rtp-live. I have the RTSP stream specified in content/ That's really it, and it works, putting out a standard RTMP stream at rtmp://myserver/myapp with stream

So, I've been trying to enable transcoding of the audio while passing through the video, but everything I find (the Transcoding Guide and others) just confuses me more and all my attempts don't work, often with errors about missing SMIL files (I tried to follow a guide but I might have missed something). I found one guide that specifically outlines audio-only transcoding, but of course I had no luck.

Is this the correct way to approach things? I thought it was and then tried to follow the Flowplayer example for dynamic streaming with Wowza using the F4M and HTTP Streaming plugins, but no joy.

I think a lot of my problem is it's unclear to me what URL format I should use to reference my streams


or maybe



Any suggestions of where to start? What should my Application.xml and my transcoding template look like? Thanks.

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