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I am using the latest XenCenter 6.0.2, On a Xenserver version 6.0.0 when doing a right click on the VM I get a menu that has options for a Shut down and Reboot.

ON a server with XenServer 6.0.2 the same VM does not show the Shut Down / Reboot option.

Any idea of how to enable the Shutdown/Reboot options ?

the VM are running FreeBSD 9 amd 64, could it be something related to hardware compatibility, the server that does not show the Shutdown/Reboot is a Dell poweredge 2900 III.

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Try to shutdown the VM from your xenServer's CLI with any of the following commands to ensure it's not a GUI bug:

  • xe vm-shutdown name-label=nameOfYourVM
  • xe vm-reboot name-label=nameOfYourVM

You can get the label running xe vm-list is-control-domain=false | grep label| awk '{print $4}'

Also try using openXenManager

Did you installed XenServer tools on that VM? from XenServer Documentation:

Without the tools installed, you will not be able to do any the following: Cleanly shut down, reboot or suspend a VM.

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You can "fake" installation of Xen Tools if you like. You can take a look at for how I did this for my Solaris guests.

Needless to say this is totally unsupported.

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