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Since upgrading my PHP installation to 5.3, I have not been able to access jawstats with error:

JAWStats could not open an AWStats log file

Is the specified AWStats log file directory correct? Does it have a trailing slash? The problem may be the variable "statspath" in your config.php file.

The data file being looked for is in folder /var/lib/awstats/

When I check the contents of var/lib/awstats/ then month/year is in a different order. E.g: From reading the documentation I have made sure that I added statsname, although it doesn't seem to be taking any notice of this.


  // core config parameters
  $sDefaultLanguage      = "en-gb";
  $sConfigDefaultView    = "thismonth.all";
  $bConfigChangeSites    = true;
  $bConfigUpdateSites    = true;
  $sUpdateSiteFilename   = "xml_update.php";

  // Default Site Config
  $config = array(
    "theme"       => "default",
    "fadespeed"   => 250,
    "password"    => "DGlxSLKT5k",
    "includes"    => "",
    "language"    => "en-gb"

  // individual site configuration
  $aConfig[""] = array_merge(array(
    "statspath"   => "/var/lib/awstats/",
    "statsname"   => "awstats[MM][YYYY]",
    "updatepath"  => "/usr/lib/cgi-bin/",
    "siteurl"     => "",
    "sitename"    => ""    
  ), $config); 
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I am an idiot, 5 mins after adding a bounty, I find that this error is caused because of the open_basedir being turned on.

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How does open_basedir have to do with jawstats working? – crosenblum Sep 4 '12 at 18:13
Because open_basedir was preventing jawstats from reading the apache log files – John Magnolia Sep 5 '12 at 10:39

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