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I want to set ARR (IIS load balancing software) with cache that depends on the last-modified tag in the header.

Every time the server gets a request it will look at the last-modified tag and if it's already cached it will take present the data that is in cache. However, if it's a page that hasn't been cached the server will show the original file. How can I do this?

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As I know, ARR Proxy (and any other proxy-cache) use this header (and more) to check if something is in cache.

Open IIS root, and create a Server Farm with your needs. You can also open your website in IIS manager, URL Rewrite, and add a Reverse Proxy rule with your needs (for example - proxy for only one folder in a working website).

Remember that you need to configure a proxy rules (if not, the rewrite-proxy just not work). open your server farm (maybe need to create and delete) and configure in "Proxy" section.

I prefer use nginx or other software to load-balance servers. I like and IIS fetures, but as a stupid-reverse-proxy use others.

Good Luck!

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thanks, What other software I can use? I'm using Windows – Noamway May 9 '12 at 1:26

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