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I have a very simple xml file that looks something like this:

    <team lead="jim" wing="bob" />
    <team lead="frank" wing="mary" />
    <team lead="george" wing="hans" />

I need to let people edit this file using a web interface, preferably served over apache. It should just list the "lead" and "wing" attributes in a table and allow them to be edited as free-form text. Before I start mucking about and writing my own, is there some kind of super-simple framework that does this kind of thing out of the box? Preferably open source.

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Programming questions are really better suited for Stack Overflow - note that product and service recommendations ("which framework should I use?") are off-topic on all stack exchange sites though - you may not get much help there either unless you can enumerate specific requirements... –  voretaq7 May 6 '12 at 2:50
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