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I want to add the email address to only one of our users. This is an additional domain and has nothing to do with the existing domain. I set up the MX records accordingly (pointing to our Exchange 2007 server). Now the server has to accept emails from this domain.

From this article I found out that I can add an accepted domain under hub transport. The user which should receive the mails from has already an existing email account. Normally, I add an mail alias to the user easily. This is what I have don yet but only users in the domain can send mails to now. If I add the accepted domain all users in the domain will get mails from I think.

What is the best solution for me? Can I add an email account from another domain to only one existing user account and how?

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Your users will not receive the new email addresses unless you modify your Email Address Policy to include it. Just add the new accepted domain and then modify the individual user that you wish to have the new address.

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