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Anybody knows how is possible to start automatically Tomcat's Monitor? Tomcatw.exe with the service's Tomcat? I tried but, it does not start.

I was trying to install like windows Services manually, but is not working.

My Tomcat services is called "Tomcat7Server" I created a services...

sc create "MoniTom" binpath "C:\DirTomcat7\bin\tomcat7w.ese //MS//Tomcat7Server"

I tryed to start my new services... but this no runs.

sc start "Monitom"

Please help me.

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Manually add it as a service by modifying the registry. Add the following Reg_SZ key to:


Name: ApacheTomcatMonitor

Value: "C:\Program Files\LOCATION OF Tomcat7w.exe" //MS//Tomcat7

Just make sure that you run this program as the administrator. You can do this by just right clicking on the Tomcat7w.exe and under properties, compatibility tab, check the run as administrator.

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There are a variety of tools that will allow you to install programs as Windows Services, such as FireDaemon, srvany/instsrv, etc.

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