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I have ProFTPD set up so that I can remotely upload new php files and suchlike to my htdocs on my server. That's all fine, but I would like to jail the 'nobody' (No write, Read/Download only) user into a subdirectory (htdocs/ftp) so that any users can't have fun reading my mySQL connection scripts, which are in the htdocs folder. I don't want to set the DefaultRoot to /ftp, as then I can't use FTP to modify the site, unless there is then a way to allow me back up a level. (For the sake of it, let's call me admin)

It's not a production environment, more an intranet, but hey, i don't want it to be insecure like that.

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The second argument to the DefaultRoot config option is a list of groups. Put the set of users you want to be able to "modify the site" in one group, then set that group's DefaultRoot to / (or whatever), then have another, default DefaultRoot pointed to /ftp. Or you could do the inverse. Whatever makes the most sense for you.

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Thanks for the help - that's worked well for me. As a note, I also used:

<Directory /www/htdocs>
        AllowUser X

Which basically stopped (I think) everything from happening in my protected directory.

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