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What is in Oracle's sqlplus equivalent of Linux's man or --help ?

When I'm in sqlplus and type help index, I get some commands displayed, but there is no way to get specific sql syntax. For example if I type 'help select' I get:

SP2-0172 No HELP matching this tiopic was found.

Of course, I would like to get all available options for select command.

How can I get info or sql syntax while I'm at sql prompt ?


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You need to install this feature, log in with SYSTEM account and run this SQL script:


After HLPBLD.SQL run, you have created the help tables on SQL-Plus.

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You actually seem not to need a help for sqlplus itself, but for the SELECT-statement.

There is not a proper way to get help on query syntax inside the sqlplus, instead I recommend Oracle's documentation site and in this case this page.

(Older Oracle-versions have their own documentations there too)

In practice the official documentation may be too comprehensive to get things done, so, keep Google as a close friend also.

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