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Howdi, We work on a remote site. To access email and work servers we tunnel in using a Cisco VPN client over 3G. When this happens, we lose access to our NAS via Windows Explorer. When ReadyNAS remote software is used, the same thing happens i.e. works when not on VPN, doesn't work while on VPN (even with proxy settings entered).

Setup: - Win7 32bit PC - Netcomm 3G42WT - ReadyNAS Duo

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This is something you need to request your VPN admin to change. You might suggest to him, if you are a remote office with multiple users, that a site-to-site VPN might make more sense. – wfaulk May 9 '12 at 16:11

That's a feature, sort of. The Cisco VPN client will (as requested by the server) disallow connections to the local network while it's up. Can you ask the admin of that Cisco VPN concentrator to change this setting for you?

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Unfortunatly not. I thought that i could somehow burrow back into the NAS using the net going through the VPN webproxy. – Don May 9 '12 at 6:52

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