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I host a network of servers behind a Fortigate 200a firewall in the DC.

I connect to those servers via a VPN connection.

The problem is that when i connect to the VPN, I lose my internet connection on the local PC (windows 7).

I would like to be connected to the VPN and still surf the web. i guess this means to only forward a range of ip to the VPN connection.

I've read other answers on serverfault, talking about "un-check the 'Use default gateway on remote network' option in your Windows 7 PPTP network connection settings". When i do that , i get internet access but no access to the servers in the VPN.

Any idea how to get both working?

  • Should i change something on the fortigate 200a config?
  • Do i need two networks cards?
  • Is there a place in windows to define ip range for the vpn connection?
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You need "use default gateway on remote network" unchecked, and you need to manually add routes to the VPN network on your windows workstation.

On the Command Line, do:

route ADD MASK

with your appropriate IP's, where is the VPN Network (internal LAN on your remote end), is the appropriate netmask and is the gateway interface (your remote gateway)

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