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I want to install netbeans on my freeBSD7.2 machine.I followed the instructions listed in http://typo.submonkey.net/articles/2007/7/13/netbeans-on-freebsd But, when i try the third step, which is running the netbeans using "./netbeans/bin/netbeans" i found the following error "etc/netbeans.cluster" file cann't be found. What do u think could be the reason. I can't figure it out, plz help me.

Thanx in advance

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Is the error as you posted it or is it "/etc/netbeans.cluster" (with a slash at the beginning)? –  Dennis Williamson Jul 10 '09 at 8:04
It should be etc/netbeans.cluster (no leading slash). The etc referenced is under the Netbeans directory. –  Brian Knoblauch May 27 '10 at 12:47

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To install NetBeans under FreeBSD use ports:

cd /usr/ports/java/netbeans/ && make install clean
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Why not install it from the Ports?

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