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I'm creating a script to change weblogic passwords. For our WL 9.2 servers, I doing this via the WLST using a simple .py script. However, for our WL 8.1 servers I'm unable to start WLST and run the script because the WLST.class is not present in weblogic.jar.

An alternative would be to use WLST from WL 9.2 and connect to a 8.1 server but if WLST is not present on 8.1, then I wouldn't be able to connect. Maybe this is why it's giving the following error:

    The CompatabilityMBeanServer is not initialized properly. 
This might happen if the CompatabilityMBeanServer is 
disabled via the JMXMBean.

To view the root cause exception use dumpStack()

WLST detected that the RuntimeMBeanServer is not enabled. This 
might happen if the RuntimeMBeanServer is disabled via the JMXMBean. 
Please ensure that this MBeanServer is enabled. Online WLST cannot 
function without this MBeanServer.
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "<console>", line 1, in ?
  File "<iostream>", line 22, in connect
WLSTException: 'Error occured while performing connect : "Cannot connect to WLST."While trying to lookup \'weblogic.management.mbeanservers.runtime\' didn\'t find subcontext \'mbeanservers\' Resolved weblogic.management Use dumpStack() to view the full stacktrace'

Any suggestions guys?

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I found it. The answer is to either use wlst.jar and jython.jar which are both missing from the internet as it appears or to use the command below and the weblogic.Admin:

java -cp /opt/weblogic81sp5/weblogic81/server/lib/weblogic.jar weblogic.Admin -url url -username user -password pass INVOKE -mbean Security:Name=YourReamAuthenticator -method changeUserPassword user pass newPass

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