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I am getting the following error when trying to perform a remote wipe in Exchange 2010 via "Manage Mobile Device" within Recipient Configuration | Mailbox. I click the help link which leads me to a TechNet document that states the following:

You've found an error that doesn't have an article written about it. Don't worry though, help is >still available. The forums are the best place to start.

Error: The ActiveSyncDevice§androidc1717220235 cannot be found. Click here for help...

Exchange Management Shell command attempted: Clear-ActiveSyncDevice -Identity '§androidc1717220235'

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Maybe that § character is breaking something. See what the output looks like when you pull info on the device with Get-ActiveSyncDevice? – Shane Madden May 10 '12 at 22:52
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While I don't know why EMC was unable to handle this request, I was able to complete the request though the Shell by explicity allowing devices. I was also able to remove partnerships through OWA.

Use the Shell to disable a device for Exchange ActiveSync

I am Still accepting answers if any one knows why EMC failed to remove EAS partnerships. This is a recurring problem.

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