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I'm trying to restore an ASA 5505 to the factory defaults. According to the instructions from several sources (e.g. I need to run the following command:

ciscoasa(config)#config factory-default

But this returns:

ERROR: command can only be executed in single router mode

The command to put the ASA into single router mode should be:

ciscoasa(config)#mode single

But this returns:

ciscoasa(config)#mode single
ERROR: %Invalid input detected at '^' marker
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What's your privilege level? And do you have anything restricting the available command set, like TACACS authorization rules? What do you get from show context? – Shane Madden May 10 '12 at 22:35
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The 5505 is not capable of running in multiple context mode. This is probably just a bug. I would:

  1. backup your config: more system:running-config then save this config to a txt file
  2. wr erase to erase the startup config
  3. reload and say no when it asks you to save the current running configuration
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That did the trick. After reload I was able to restore factory defaults. BTW, it's not obvious to a newbie that reload is a command, suggest adding backticks. – RobB May 10 '12 at 23:22

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