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I have Apache 2.2 Server up and running my Website on my Windows 2003 Server. I now want to give visitors the ability to upload/download data to my site. So, I installed Apache FTPServer 1.6 but the last line of the installation said that the fTPD failed to install.

Finally after repeated attempts, the FTPD installed with no errors.

I then tried to "start" the program, but it won't start the service. I get the message "Windows could not start the Apache FTPServer on local computer."

I have tried starting the program numerous times, but with no success. I don't have any ports open that are competing with the port that FTP wants to use. Nor, do I have a firewall in the way. Any ideas that I could try?

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It seems to me that the service is failing to start because it was not installed completely (as the first part of your question states). I would recommend you try reinstalling the application and, barring that, find a different FTP server solution. – Justin Pearce May 11 '12 at 3:27
I'm sorry Justin, but I wasn't clear in my first paragraph. – John Wesley May 11 '12 at 7:55

I suggest you configure logging: (log4j), and then look at the log on why startup fails

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