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What does the folder contact permission do? All I can seem to find is this description:

The user is the contact for the specified public folder.


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A Folder contact Grants folder contact status to the specified user/email. Folder contacts receive automated notifications from the folder. I personally have never needed to use the feature but I believe that it is useful in large organisation where you would delegate staff to look after folders.

You could always set it to be your account/email address and see what happens. If you prefer you could create a test set up using something like virtualbox/vmware and play around without fear of breaking anything on a live system.

Exchange permissions

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The folder contact is a mailbox that will receive a messages about admin stuff for that folder. Owners have this by default. One example of a message is conflicts. When conflicts occur like two people editing the same thing at the same time. The folder contact will get a message asking which copy to keep.

I don't have a good reference but you will see it mentioned a lot in this search.

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