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Does anyone have a list of the Brother Printer Error Codes, and/or know what E58 refers to?

I support quite a few Brother printers, but this is the fist time I've come across this one.


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All the ERROR ### codes for this printer are "Call service" messages:

Turn off the printer. Wait a few seconds, then turn it on again. If this does not clear the problem, call your dealer or a Brother-authorized service representative.

This is in the printer's user guide, available as a PDF at the Brother Solutions Centre for the HL7050 under the Manuals tab

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The E58 Service call message relates to:

Malfunction of TR Release Motor

and/ or

Connection failure of TR Release Motor connector and TR Release Motor sensor

From the HL5070 service manual

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It's a "Do a power cycle and when the problem persits, call Support" error.

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