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Basically I have the SAME problem as another user. I read his attempts to get a reply that made sense.
But he seemed to get everything but what he asked for. I hope I have better luck. SETUP> 1: windows
server 2008 r2 X64 NO DOMAIN Only WORKGROUP installed roles for file sharing and IIS as needed and
as setup on Previous Windows Server 2008 R1.

2: Clients: ALL Laptops running Windows 7 x64 usually
Home Premium but some Pro. Not that I have been able to tell it matters. The server hosts 3 shared
items. a: folders shared individually by each user under a subfolder called "remotes" currently located
on the root c: drive (as in c:/remotes/user1 c:/remotes/user2 etc.) b: a shared set of folders with access
by all users that holds the data for... c: An SQL database program which has parts on the server as well
as a client
program on each user's pc This setup has run for YEARS on Server 2003 and then on
Server 2008 R1 with NO problems even as the laptops evolved from Windows XP thru Vista now to
Windows 7.

The VPN connection has never varied. We have always been able to connect with little or no
problems and no issues. As soon as the vpn connected (with all the default settings.. It is hard to
remember now but I believe all mapping was by named instance as in //win-9gt26ntdt6f/ folder1> //win**/ and the config file for the SQL program told it to look to win-** on
port # xxxx for its own connection.

NOW, with Server 2008 R2, EVERYTHING is hit and miss. Some
people connect with the some need the some won’t connect at all sometimes but will other
times. Some that connect by name in some places no need the IP in others.

Throughout the whole
episode, the one thing that has stayed constant and this is the ONLY clue I have. The VPN was ALWAYS
connect (as long as there is a signal) AND as long as we dropped it to P2PT ONLY. That was the "fix"
VPN. BUT. It is still true that some systems need the and some need the and it is either one or
the other. It seems that if they are an system they stay that way and if they are a system they
stay that way, at least my notes seem to show that. and as I said, the ONE clue is, one the VPN works, the
SQL program runs. EVERY time. But the mapped drives... NOT every time. Sometimes yes, sometimes
no. But the SQL program runs merrily along even with or without most which is normally pulls from that
other mapped drive.

Also a VERY worrisome issue is that we have been instructed to Absolutely NEVER
run the firewall. No even with exception for the single port they claim to need. On 2008 R1, we always ran
the firewall. No problem. R2. Can't do.

I have found that "sometimes" it helps to turn off not only the
firewall but any other "firewall helpers" as in Antivirus programs. AVAST etc., Oddly, on other laptops,
(like mine) I run BOTH the firewall AND the AVAST turned full on. I never have any problems. But of course, I don't need the program, I'm the IT guy. So "this" is all "my fault" even though I had it running for years with ZERO problems until we went to 2008 R2.

I will stop here as I have already entered more information than I have seen anyone else enter and I probably won’t get any replies at all but I sure would
like top see if some genius out there know for sure what the heck is wrong?

But PLEASE do not sene replies pertaing to DOMAIN networks with ADServers. There Is None. The is a Simple Workgroup. Nothing More. The shared files are accessed sometimed from withig the office and sometimes via the internet but they are set to always connect via the VPN.

(which brings up If anything it would be a GOOD thing IF I could get it to replicated on any other sytem but mine but for some reason, MY laptop seems to make an almost instantaneous connection to the proper drives on startup Just like the "new Direct Connect" But I have no idea why. No VPN No nothing. I can take another of my own laptops and there is no way I can get into that server without a VPN. Ecept for thiss one old "clunker" which seems to be "permanently linked' to "home base" iF I can get on the net, the drives pop up immediately and the SQL prorgam runs just as it should. I will add that If someone has an idea about what is going on.

Thats for any help suggestions or even just a Hello!

PS PLease excuse typos it is 3 am. Barely awake


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