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I have a bunch of LXC containers with vsftpd daemon installed on each. I would like to forward/proxy traffic from dom0 server port 21 to particular containers based on ftp user name e.g. or domain part to be more precise.

I tried to use ftp-proxy and it works perfectly but no SSL support. Frox has SSL support but only between proxy and ftpd server.

I found that squid can do FTP and SSL but I have never done anything with squid and I cannot tell if it's suitable. Maybe you could provide me with information in that matter or give any other idea?

Eventually I will end up with multiple iptables DNAT's pointing directly to containers' vsftpd daemon but common port 21 would look great.

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You might look into using the mod_proxy module for proftpd; it can do FTPS on the frontend and backend, and do per-user routing. See proftpd-mod_proxy

Full disclaimer: I'm the author/developer of proftpd and mod_proxy.

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