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I have setup numerous linux web servers (using Apache) but I am new to IIS. I am trying to setup two new vhosts, let's call them and for the purposes of this example.

I have added two new sites, one for each vhost and set their path to specific (and unique) directories. Unfortunately when I pull the site up via I just get the default IIS page saying:

It Works!

This is the default web page for this server.

The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.

It seems that they aren't paying attention to their proper path.

Something worth noting is that I just installed PHP 5.3 on the server (Windows Server 2008) and I used the Microsoft Web Platform Installer to do so. Everything went smoothly and I used all default settings.

If I need to supply more information/details please let me know, any insight that can be provided would be much appreciated.

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Turns out that IIS was setup correctly and the problems I was having were all related to DNS. Once we got the DNS stuff straightened out everything came together.

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