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I'm looking for a similar tool to Cacti and Multiping inn the image, it can be for linux or for windows. I need to pool 1000+ nodes 1 time every second. Any one got a suggestion to what software i can use? ping enter image description here

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I like Ping Monitor if you're looking for a free version. If you have a budget to work with the Solarwinds Engineer's Toolset has all kinds of awesome ping goodies.

EDIT: Nevermind on the freeware version of Ping Monitor, it's restricted to 5 nodes.

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Are you looking for a GUI? I've just started experimenting with Observium and fping. fping is an older tool, but it allows for simultaneous pings and is used by Observium behind the scenes. Observium also supports increasing a number of concurrent pollers to increase performance. It's a full fledged monitoring system though, so pollers are going to do a lot more than just pings (SNMP operations, etc).

The website is

and the page on optimization is at /wiki/Performance_tuning

If you don't need a GUI you could just fork a couple of fpings, depending on it's underlying design.

I know it looks a little sketchy, but I've used without a problem. The project has moved around, so the actual package is now on SourceForge.

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Maybe pinger? It's a unix tool, but should probably work under cygwin.

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You can use angry IP.

It has both linux and windows versions.

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