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I have the following lines in my haproxy.conf:

acl valid_domains hdr(Host) -i mysite.com images.mysite.com docs.mysite.com admin.mysite.com
redirect location http://mysite.com/invalid_domain if !valid_domains

How do I match any subdomain?

I tried:

acl valid_domains hdr(Host) -i *.mysite.com


acl valid_domains hdr(Host) -i [a-z]+.mysite.com

... But neither worked.


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hdr_end is what you're looking for. Try this:

acl valid_domains hdr_end(host) -i mysite.com 
redirect location http://mysite.com/invalid_domain if !valid_domains
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what if you have two domains. One called mysite.com and one called notmysite.com? The both end with mysite.com. So the match is not specific enought, right? –  Saab Jun 1 at 18:48

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