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I've been installing an Ubuntu Server on a local machine. Ive configured the eth0 in the interfaces (Static) and I can ping the router aswell as other machines in the network can ping the server and even get the apache default-site. So I assume, that eth0 is configured correct. I can't however update or search via apt-get, so I think, that means, that the machine is currently offline. Has anybody some pointers, what I might have missed? Regards, Marcus

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My guess is: DNS settings in resolv.conf . By changing it to DHCP, the machine got the information via the DHCP Server.

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Seconding this! – xstnc May 15 '12 at 6:09

I changed the config to dhcp, restarted the network, changed back to static again and ever thing works fine now. No idea why, though.

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