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I'm trying to open SQL Management Studio 2008 to attempt to work with a server I have just set up, and to import an .sql file, but for some reason when I attempt to install and run the software it loads up with SQL Server Installation Center. This seems like a simple problem but I have not been able to find a fix yet; has anyone else come across this?

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Is the installer loading because SQL Management Studio isn't loaded on that machine? It is possible that SQL server was installed, but not the SQL Management Studio. –  MikeAWood May 14 '12 at 19:06
Can you provide more details? For example what do you mean by "attempt to install and run the software" - what software? If you want to install Management Studio and/or SQL Server, you need to do so through the Installation Center and pick the appropriate options, before you'll be able to use Management Studio, open a .sql file, or run the script against a database. –  Aaron Bertrand May 14 '12 at 19:11

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