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I have some strange problems with fabric deployment to Windows Server 2008r2.

The thing I try to accomplish is to copy some files to a shared folder with a fabric script (this script does a lot of other things too, but only this step gives me problems).

This is the problem:

When I try to access a UNC(Universal Naming convention) path I always get access denied kind of answers if I run the script in fabric. When I run the command in an ssh prompt (same user) it works fine.


  • cmd: robocopy f:/.... //share
    • result: in ssh this works fine, in fabric I get "Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type aat this computer."
  • cmd: cd //share
    • result: in ssh this works fine, in fabric I get "//share: Not a directory"

Further information:

uname -a and whoami return exact the same thing in fabric and ssh.

I also tried things like mount, net use, but these commands all have kind of the same problem.

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  1. Go to: Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment

  2. Add the user to the Log on as a service policy and try again.

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