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I've been asked to code a method to move FTP files from 'many' directories to 'one'.

Files to be moved must be older than 15 minutes OR have completed their upload.

On my first pass at the problem I'm tackling the time-based variable first.

Getting the file in kermit is easy enough. I can even setup a variable based on time -15 minutes ...

#!/usr/local/bin/kermit +
ftp open \%1 /user:\%2 /password:\%3
assign minus15z \fcvtdate(\v(timestamp) -00:15,3)
ftp cd \%dir
ftp mget *

But I'm stuck on how to apply the variable 'minus15z' to the mget command.

It's obvious, I'm sure I'm just missing something easy.

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Does it have to be Kermit, which may not be sufficiently capable? Could you implement in, say, perl using Net::FTP? –  cjc May 16 '12 at 21:17
This is the sound of me smacking my forehead. I never even considered perl. I'm certainly not married to Kermit, just that's been handy in the past for tasks like this. So they said 'ftp' and 'moving files' and I thought 'kermit'. I'll crack open my perl book and give it a shot - thanks! –  Brian Dunbar May 17 '12 at 15:42
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